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Look For us soon Uber Eats!

Denver CO.

Miami FL.

Houston TX.

Sam Diego CA.

New York NY.

Washington DC.

Helping you incorporate "nutrition" and "taste" into your everyday life.

Rethink Lunch.


USDA Food Nutrition Service (FSN)

Commercial management provider sponsored meal's for annual attending student and adult care facilities.

School Breakfast Program (SBP)

National School Lunch Program (NSLP)


Commercial food service vendor 

Introducing readily available concepts. 

Registered FSMC

Child Nutrition Program Awareness Policy

Miami FL. Denver CO, San Diego CA, Dallas TX, and more

Breakfast and Lunch Meals for Public Private Chartered and Non Charter traditional Learning facilities. 

University Luncheon Meals Specialize in healthy Nutritious readily available concepts. 

Contractor For Academic Advanced Studies and Performance based sports endorsed programs

  • Advance America National School Lunch program grades K-12 and SBP for Public School attendees Faculty and Staff members 

Sponsored Meal service provider, 

  • Employer Child labor ACT. 

Sponsorship/Stipend Incentives 

Performance based Academic Study and advanced research for education and developmental progress

FDA Registrar Corporation 

Miami FL. Denver CO, San Diego CA, Dallas TX, and more

  • For verification of our facilities, and suppliers of American Standardized Substances visit

We are a Manufacturing  industry Employer and supply management company. The Organization and Establishment Originates from Colorado The Centennial State

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FUTURE Services



AMA Motorsports Racing Sponsorship 

American Motorcyclists Association 



nternational Grocers , Pharmacies, Hospitals and Manufacturers 

K-12 program


September Investment Month

Colorado Harvesting season

Outskirt Press


Nutrition Food Service training  review & registration 

Support Colorado


Sanction events


Pending AMA recruitment 

Public School Attendees 

K-12 Year 2021 - 2022

Beginning September 2021 Semester following Registration 

No more hard to follow plans - you'll be living a healthier lifestyle in weeks. See our value page for daily calories and dietary recommendation

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